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Outsourced – Asset Management Consultants

Outsourced is a specialist Heavy Mobile Equipment, Fixed Plant Maintenance and Asset Management Consultant, Maintenance Contractor, Supply Chain Management and Mining Recruitment Service provider.

To meet the challenges of downsizing and outsourcing of non-core activities, the Mining and Resources Industry is reliant on the expertise of Supply, Maintenance and Asset Management Professionals from varied disciplines and backgrounds.

Our focus is on making improvements to Engineering, Production, Maintenance and Supply Management processes and systems for Companies in the Mining and Mineral Processing, Power Generation and Heavy Manufacturing sectors.

Our consulting staff have a wealth of Asset Management, Operations, Maintenance and Supply Chain consulting experience. Our team includes those capable of influencing organisations at Senior Management levels, as well as those who can effectively implement change at shop floor levels.

Our solution is to apply high-level strategic thinking, combined with practical, hands-on assistance right down to shop-floor level. This unique combination generates tangible, sustainable change at all organisational levels.

By focusing on transferring our knowledge and skills to our clients, we also embed an ongoing, continuous improvement culture within their organisations, allowing them to continue making improvements long after our involvement has concluded.

With our extensive hands on experience we are able to offer a combination of applications, integrated solutions and strategies to manage and maintain your assets over their effective life. We can either work with your team in an advisory capacity to oversee the changes, or a turnkey Maintenance Contractor solution and/or provide the personnel to help make the changes.

Outsourced has a strong track record in conducting Computer Maintenance Management systems (CMMS), Maintenance, Asset and Materials Management Audits and Reviews. We find that an independent audit is an important step to ensure that maintenance and equipment is benchmarked and all the outstanding issues are unearthed, prioritised and become part of a key objective action plan.

Through our equipment and people focused reliability improvement techniques, we have assisted our clients to make rapid, step change improvements in operational and maintenance performance.

Our mission statement is to provide a professional cost effective outsourced service solution to Mining Companies and Contractors in giving best practice direction.

Computer Maintenance Management Systems

  • -    CMMS Systems Training & Mentoring
  • -    CMMS System Specification
  • -    CMMS Selection and Implementation
  • -    CMMS Set-up and Data Entry
  • -    CMMS Development of Business Processes
  • -    CMMS Benchmark Assessment and Auditing
  • -    Maintenance Strategy & PM Development
  • -    Maintenance Coding Analysis
  • -    Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Improvement

Warehousing Procurement & Logistics

  • -    Spare Parts Criticality Assessments
  • -    Establishing Contracts and Supply Agreements
  • -    Warehouse & Purchasing CMMS
  • -    Warehouse Cataloguing

Safety and Environmental

  • -    Safety Audits
  • -    Safety Management Systems Reviews
  • -    Pre-Start-up Safety Reviews
  • -    Independent Incident Investigations

Maintenance & Asset Management

  • -    Maintenance Management & Business Plans
  • -    Independent Reviews and Audits
  • -    Plant & Equipment Audits
  • -    Maintenance Performance Measurement
  • -    Critical Equipment & Systems Identification
  • -    Develop Maintenance Procedures
  • -    Training & Competency Programs
  • -    Operations & Maintenance Procedures
  • -    Asset Integrity Management
  • -    Equipment Evaluation
  • -    Root Cause Analysis
  • -    MARC Contract Development
  • -    Maintenance Contracts Development
  • -    Maintenance Contractor


  • -    Permanent Placements
  • -    Short Term Placements